Which service do you need?

Engines repairs

Bring your engine,

our qualified mechanics repair any faults on your engine

Engines selling

We sell a wide range of engines, from light 2.5 hp up to 400 hp 8.2. Have a look to find out the engine to keep you going

Large warehouse of spares

We offer more than 6000 parts codes.

Surely you will find what you want

Engines Installation 

If you need a hand we help you to mount the engine on the boat

Computer diagnosis

Our technicians are specialized in diagnosing Volvo Penta engines and also on Mercury - Mercruiser engines

Transfer boats

We will transfer your boat wherever you want

Delivering in Italy

Tel: 0039 040-301094

Orario d'apertura

Lun - Ven:     08:30 - 12:30

                     13:30 - 18:30


    Sabato:     09:00 - 12:00

Più di 25 anni d'esperienza

Dal 1989  al vostro servizio 

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I nostri servizi

- Vendita motori

- Istallazione motori

- Riparazione motori

- Trasferimento imbarcazioni

- Ampio magazzino ricambi

- Spedizioni in tutta Italia

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Strada delle Saline 12 , 34015-Muggia(TS)

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